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Interview with Erlend Hjelvik (Kvelertak)

La Baza Gatului: When I looked for information about the other bands or projects you’ve been involved into before Kvelertak, I couldn’t find anything. What do you think we should know?
Erlend Hjelvik: We haven’t really played in any proper bands before Kvelertak, mostly hobby based bands like Kvelertak was in the beginning. That’s probably why!

La Baza Gatului: How did you come to founding Kvelertak? What does Kvelertak mean and how did you choose this name?
Erlend Hjelvik: Kvelertak means chokehold in Norwegian. Really no other reason than that it sounds good and is straight to the point. Sentence band names are usually not good.

La Baza Gatului: Why are you singing in Norwegian? Do your lyrics contain any important secrets or magic formulae haha the rest of the world must not find out about?
Erlend Hjelvik: No other reason than that it’s the language I speak daily; also I think it sounds better with Norwegian vocals instead of bad English. There are enough bands who sing in English already.

La Baza Gatului: Who are those two girls on the cover of your album? Are they owl worshippers or something? What idea does the cover of the album intend to transmit?
Erlend Hjelvik: The two girls are from the mystical coven in Offernatt. I guess you could say they are owl worshippers. They are also Thor’s rams. I basically just sent John Baizley an email telling him the contents of the lyrics, and he somehow incorporated almost everything in the cover.

La Baza Gatului: When released your debut album, did you expect the press and the fans to appreciate it so much?
Erlend Hjelvik: We knew it was going to be good record once we found out we we’re recording with Kurt Ballou and John Baizley was making the cover, but we never expected it to do as well as it’s doing!

La Baza Gatului: If we would meet in a record store and I had money to buy only one CD, how would you convince me to buy Kvelertak? Would you by any chance use a miniature Thor’s Hammer haha?
Erlend Hjelvik: I would just say that you could download it first, and if you like it you should buy it. Also I would hit you in the head with a miniature Thor’s Hammer till I changed your mind.

La Baza Gatului: On a more serious note, what are, in your opinion, your album’s strongest points?
Erlend Hjelvik: I think the strongest points of the album are the production and the songwriting. It’s catchy and heavy at the same time.

La Baza Gatului: If you would be a journalist, how would you rate it (on a scale from 0 to 10) and why?
Erlend Hjelvik: I’ll leave the reviews to the journalists!

La Baza Gatului: When it comes to musical creativity, Norway certainly stays somewhere in the front. What is the explanation for this multitude of projects, bands and very good albums?
Erlend Hjelvik: I don’t know, I guess we just got good taste! Also we’re pretty isolated, I guess that also helps.

La Baza Gatului: You are renowned for your energy when playing live. Where do you get it? I heard you telling someone from a publication that half of the band has the ADHD syndrome haha.
Erlend Hjelvik: Yeah, they do, but the rest of us just have a switch that goes on while playing. I don’t know where it comes from as I’m a pretty lazy guy in bad shape. It’s weird. I guess the music makes me do it.

La Baza Gatului: What are your main sources of inspiration?
Erlend Hjelvik: Everything! All from hanging out with my friends to listening to good music. It all goes down the kitchen sink.

La Baza Gatului: Do you manage to make a living out of music or do you have to keep your regular jobs?
Erlend Hjelvik: We luckily don’t have time for regular jobs anymore as we’re pretty much always on the road. Right now we make just enough to pay the rent. We’re not complaining!

La Baza Gatului: What are your musical future plans?
Erlend Hjelvik: Play as much live as possible, then make a new album!

La Baza Gatului: Is there any other question you would have liked me to ask you? If yes, please answer that question.
Erlend Hjelvik: What is your favorite colour? Green.

La Baza Gatului: Thanks for the opportunity of making this interview. The final words are yours.
Erlend Hjelvik: Stay in school, kids!


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